Tecumseh Township to focus on roads, elections in 2016


Business for Tecumseh Township is routine, with roadwork and elections taking primary focus in 2016. Township Supt. Roy Schlegel said above all, the majority of township funds will be used to upgrade the condition of the roads.

“Most of our roads work will involve crack filling,” Schlegel said. “We may be adding an asphalt overlay on Billmeyer Highway, that could be a potential project, though it would only be for our stretch. The other roads we would seal coat and fog seal.”

The seal coat and fog seal would add an additional four to seven years of life onto the road. It is an alternative to putting down new asphalt, which would be very expensive for the township. “To do Billmeyer would cost a couple hundred thousand bucks, and our budget is normally two hundred and seventy thousand for the whole year,” Schlegel said.

Roadwork is the township’s biggest expenditure, with up to 80 percent of the budget going into repairing the roads. There are 1,972 citizens total in Tecumseh township, spread out over a rural community. Schlegel said the roads are in good condition. “Normally the report we get from the road commission lists the majority of our roads in good to excellent range, as we have concentrated quite a few years on roads. We don’t own any land or buildings and don’t have any vehicles, so upkeep on that is zero.”

There are four elections this year for the township, including an election regarding the upgrade to the 911 emergency services, and the Presidential election in November. During the December 14 regular meeting, the township appointed Corbin Brown as the Township Deputy Clerk to assist during elections.

“With the increase in absentee ballots, we had him appointed as a backup in case our current clerk Kurt Brown is out of town or needs assistance,” Schlegel said. “We need someone who can process absentee ballots and handle any problems that come up for the clerk.”

The four various elections are expected to increase the workload for the township, especially the clerk. “We didn’t have an active deputy clerk, and we thought it would be a good idea as its expected to be a busy year,” Schlegel said. “More and more people are starting to use absentee ballots, so there’s more of a workload.”

At the end of the meeting, Schlegel reported that the board is looking for a new alternate person for the board of review. The board of review currently has three full-time members. “It’s always good to have an alternate if something happens, but if we don’t get an alternate, we’re still set,” Schlegel said.


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