Tecumseh School Board considers app to centralize information


The Tecumseh Public Schools (TPS) Board of Education discussed the possibility of a new app for the district at Monday night’s meeting, as well as a redesign of the district website.

Superintendent Rick Hilderly hopes that this app will be a central place to find all of the information regarding the schools. This includes snow days, sports schedules, and other news as well as updates of this information in real time.

“It will be the report mechanism to communicate with the families,” said Hilderly. “This will centralize all of those communication platforms.”

A success coach from the company will be assigned to TPS to help with the functionality of the app and website, and will be available for assistance. This will ensure that issues with the technology is fixed in a timely manner and will help teach school staff and faculty how to update their sections.

The board expressed concern about the software needed for this app and how it will be updated. Members discussed wishes to have one app where parents and students can see homework, grades, attendance, and the communication updates. They suggested a committee be created to determine what is needed in the partnership with Apptegy.

Board member Tim Simpson suggested that the district self-host the app on their own servers using programs such as Wordpress at a lower cost. This would allow for a more unique site for TPS that can be controlled by their own specialists. He also suggested that a committee be formed to discuss what exactly is wanted for the app and website redesign.

“I don’t want to see us spend tons of money down the road when we could have spent less to have something that is our own,” said Simpson.

The agreement with Apptegy to develop the app and design the district website was tabled until a committee could come together to discuss the issue.

In addition to the app, the board discussed the purchase of new copiers for the district in all of the buildings. There were a total of eight bids received by seven companies. Nikki Reinhardt, Director of Business Services, recommended the bid from MT Business Technologies for a five-year lease, as well as a purchase of PaperCut, a print management software.

“The lease for five years puts us in a position to save $263,000 over the course of five years compared to what we’re paying now,” said Reinhardt.

The PaperCut software is a control to ensure that the user is printing the correct materials, including confidential information. Users will have to scan their identification badge in order to print their materials. This ensures that sensitive information is being monitored, as well as monitoring how each person uses the copier.  

The board will vote to award the copier bid at their next meeting on March 9.

The board voted on the start date for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will begin the year on August 31, a week before Labor Day. This date matches the other schools in Lenawee Intermediate School District and some of the colleges in the area.


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