Resident seeks backyard chicken ordinance

To the Editor,So often, for most people, including myself, we tend to place things on the back burner when we are faced with decisions we are inexperienced in. I think this is a normal human trait. I feel the backyard chicken ordinance is a great example of this.Yes, I am thankful that council has acknowledged this ordinance every time it has been brought to the table. However, this time, I am asking for council to approve this proposed ordinance, rather than placing it, once again, on the back burner for a general vote in November. Here is why I believe this is so...Based on my experience raising laying hens for 20 years, this is a wonderful time of year to institute the ordinance, for greater success. There would be ample time, due to nice weather for the next six months, for citizens to prepare for their birds (proper licenses, housing, purchasing, etc.) to arrive.Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.Corinne BonafinoTecumseh

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