Hillary Clinton is only one who can stop Trump

To the Editor,

As a Sanders supporter, I am disheartened. Undoubtedly many Trump supporters are equally disillusioned with our political system. While I am disappointed that I can’t place my vote for Sanders, I will not hesitate to vote for Clinton this November.

Trump demeans women, praises Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein, champions limitations on freedom of the press, mocks the disabled, and generally manipulates the public. Trump tells us not to believe facts and stats and to disregard job numbers that contradict his claims about employment and FBI statistics that disprove his claims about crime. He argues we can’t believe his critics and that only he can fix what is broken. 

Trump has gotten this far by tapping into fear and anger, magnifying it, exaggerating it, and generally fanning the flames. All of this so he can sell himself as the one and only savior. This strategy has been used over and over again, and historically it has resulted in totalitarianism, as well as the rise of dictators and war criminals. 

This is a man who used his father’s wealth, bankruptcy law, and tax loopholes to build his name. He no doubt knows how to work the system, but does he know how to govern? I don’t think so.

Our presidents must have more than experience selling products and building skyscrapers. Our presidents need to be exceptionally knowledgeable about policy, law, political history, and current world events.

A Trump presidency would have very significant consequences. Climate change, gun violence, and income inequality would go unaddressed by President Trump. We could expect a break from NATO (something he’s spoken openly about), increased racial violence, and emboldened hate groups. The financial impact alone is terrifying. For example, Trump believes states should have the right to lower the federal minimum wage. This might be “good business” for a CEO, but it would be disastrous to those already struggling to pay rent and feed their children on the current federal minimum wage. 

I agree with Trump; there are plenty of things to fear. We just disagree on what they are and who can protect us from them.

Again, Clinton is not a perfect candidate and was not my first choice. But she is the only candidate who has the experience and knowledge to govern the country for the next four years and who is capable of stopping the disaster that would be a Trump presidency.

In the long term, I hope those disillusioned by the current state of our two party system put their energy into supporting change. But in the short term, I hope they don’t fall for the snake oil salesman and instead vote for the only candidate who can stop him — Hillary Clinton. 


Karin Barbee



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