Cottrell promises lower taxes, small government

To the Editor,

As our mailboxes are inundated with mailings from Bronna Kahle as the Conservative with real Experience, promising Lower Taxes and Smaller Government, let’s look at the facts.

To begin, Bronna has never been an elected official and has no experience, but is the handpicked successor of termed-out Nancy Jenkins our State Rep who Supported Prop 1.  Just a reminder; Prop 1 would have been the Largest Tax Increase in the State of Michigan since State Income Tax, and although it was defeated in a historic landslide defeat of 80 percent to 20 percent, our legislators in Lansing, including Nancy Jenkins, rewrote Prop 1 and voted it in, forcing it on us regardless of our opposition. If you look at Nancy Jenkins voting record, she hasn’t met a tax increase she did not like, and now she is training Bronna Kahle.

On the other hand, Jim Cottrell has been a Precinct Delegate for years and also sits on the Lenawee Executive

Committee.  Jim understands the devious ways of Lansing, and actually will fight for Lower Taxes and Smaller Government with Accountability, instead of just more of the same.


Jack Kovalski,

Precinct Delegate, Tecumseh


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