Concealed pistol license classes scheduled at Tecumseh VFW


Kerry Miller will be instructing a Concealed Pistol License class at Tecumseh VFW Post 4187. Photo by Mickey Alvarado.

Those interested in learning about firearm safety or acquiring a concealed pistol license (CPL) are invited to participate in an eight-hour training certification class on Saturday, July 30, at Tecumseh VFW Post 4187, located at 427. N. Evans St.
Participants will receive the “knowledge and training in the safe use and handling of a pistol” required by the state to submit a CPL application.
Kerry Miller, a member of Post 4187, will instruct the class and guide participants through the shooting portion at his range on Sutton Road in Tecumseh Township where he resides.  
Cost for the class is $75 and participants need to bring their own weapon with 100 rounds of ammunition.
This will be the third class that the Marine Corps (1983-1993) veteran has instructed through the local VFW but he said there have been numerous others that he has had the privilege of leading across the United States.
“I spent ten years in the Marine Corps,” said Miller. “I was a door gunner on a Huey in the Gulf War.
“I’m a certified instructor by the NRA. I became a certified instructor in 2002 and I went through the ranks and became a Master Training Counselor, which is as high as you can go. I traveled all around the country training firearms instructors and Senior Counselor and Masters from Washington, Oregon, California, New York City, Atlanta, Georgia and Illinois four or five times.”
He said he is unable to travel as extensively any longer due to relying heavily on a motorized wheel chair to get around and now just instructs locally. “It’s my military service that put me in this,” Miller said. “I have no issue with it training people. I hope they don’t, because I can shoot a firearm just as well as anybody I know.”
The two classes he has taught locally each had approximately 20 participants with people driving in from as far as Jackson and Monroe. 
Part of the course teaches participants procedures to follow if pulled over by law enforcement while carrying. “I’ve been pulled over with and without my firearm, and it all went smooth for me,” said Miller. “I answered yes sir, no sir and complied. It makes it real simple.”
He said the law enforcement portion of the class takes at least two hours to make sure participants completely understand the legalities involved. After all of the classwork and bookwork is done at the VFW, Miller said participants shoot 98 to 100 rounds at his private range, “to meet the state law requirements.”
While participants must bring a pistol, Miller said that family members are allowed to share a firearm that may be used for personal protection in a home, as long as one of them is the legal owner of the weapon.
The upcoming class on basic handgun safety also includes instruction on home protection.
“We establish how to make a safe room in your home, where to hide,” said Miller. “We train not to have a confrontation.”
He said that state law requires at least eight hours of training but said his classes tend to run a little past the requirement as every question asked receives an answer. “I get in-depth with it,” he said. “I really try to make the students understand and always stop for any question.”
The class on July 30 starts at 8 a.m. and runs until 5 p.m. Arrangements may be made with the instructor for those unable to do the shooting portion of the class that same day. Miller said if needed, he could re-schedule that portion of the class for someone unable to stay the entire time.
Miller said he expects everyone participating to pass both portions of the class. 
“They can’t technically fail the course because I‘m going to work with them until they pass,”  he said. He noted that what happens after that is out of his hands as there are many stipulations on the application that may keep someone from receiving a CPL.
“They have to pass their fingerprint and background test,” said Miller. “Once I do the training it’s all up to the state.”
Those submitting CPL applications locally have been receiving notification from the state within a month, according to Miller. Cost to submit the CPL application with the state is $115. “That gets your fingerprints, pictures, everything you need,” said Miller. “It’s a one-time fee for five years.” Only those 21-years of age or older can receive a CPL, however, Miller said he would accept 18 year olds for his class. The training certificate he issues is good for five years.
Those who have completed the basic class are able to take an advanced course offered by Miller at the VFW on September 17. That class requires limited time in the classroom and more time shooting, with participants going through approximately 200 to 400 rounds of ammunition during two days of intense training. Cost is $150.
For more information or to register for the basic CPL class, call Miller at 423.6575.


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