City to cover cost of garbage pickup for TCC condos


A chain of unlikely events led to the disruption of refuse services, a heap of garbage, and the discovery that the company who had been picking up the garbage had not been paid for years. All those issues have since been resolved, but the City of Tecumseh must now figure out how it will pay for the services.

Tecumseh City Manager Dan Swallow said at the Monday, Dec. 3 council meeting that a dumpster used by the owners of two condominium associations near Hantz Golf Club off Burt Street overflowed after Republic Services LLC stopped picking up the refuse.

Swallow said during the city’s work on the sanitary sewer lift station, city personnel noticed the excess garbage and assumed ingress and egress of a garbage hauler was impeded by the city’s work. About the same time, he received a call from Tecumseh Country Club Condominium Association President Laurie MacDonald who complained about the overflow. She said garbage hadn’t been picked up in four weeks and complained that coyotes, raccoons and other animals had been feeding on the overflow, making a mess.

After inquiries by Swallow, Republic responded they had been emptying the dumpster for years without being paid by either the condominium residents or the city – a tracking error by the refuse company.

MacDonald offered to pay Republic until the situation was resolved, but the company refused, saying that because the condominiums were on the city’s contract, they couldn’t take payment from her.

Because the condominiums are in the city, owners are entitled to receive curbside trash pickup services as part of their taxes. A sticking point is that taxes do not cover dumpster service for commercial businesses. MacDonald questioned council, asking if they’d rather have them put scores of garbage bags along Burt Street.

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, Swallow said the city will be adding the dumpster service to its account at a cost of $250 per month and will be investigating ways to pay for the service.


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