Boulevard Nutrition opens at Tecumseh Plaza


Friends and Herbalife distributors Greg Williams (l-r), Marc Lightfoot, Shelby Lightfoot, Anette Aldrich, Kimberly Williams and Angela Lawson at their new healthy beverage business, Boulevard Nutrition at the Tecumseh Plaza, next to Oriental Sizzling. Photo by Jackie Koch.

A group of friends dedicated to exercise, health and nutrition have taken the next step in their passion to help others on the path to wellness. They have opened Boulevard Nutrition at 1424 W. Chicago Blvd. and offer smoothies, teas and aloe drinks created with the Herbalife nutrition supplements brand, as well as protein bars, energy drinks and other light fare.

“We started this as a team venture,” said Tecumseh resident Marc Lightfoot, who holds the lease on the smoothie bar with his wife, Shelby. The group started looking for a location in early summer and found the former office space on the corner just east of Oriental Sizzling in the Tecumseh Plaza. “It was in pretty rough shape,” Lightfoot said. “We’ve been renovating it up until just a few weeks ago.” They resurfaced the walls, renovated the restroom and built a bar where patrons can come to enjoy a beverage or a healthy snack and be encouraged toward a healthy lifestyle.

Besides the Lightfoots, other team members include Anette Aldrich and Angela Lawson of Adrian and Kimberly and Greg Williams of Tecumseh, all of them Herbalife independent distributors. “A few years ago some of us came together through Herbalife,” said Lawson. At that time, cardio drumming was an activity that she saw was not offered in the Tecumseh area, so she started classes locally. “Coach Shelby was the first one who joined me with that, and so we’ve actually been doing the drumming for a while,” she said. The group expanded to offer classes in surrounding areas a year and a half ago. “This space has been open since the 13th but we’ve been operating as a team for over a year as far as impacting through fitness, Onsted, Manchester and here, so this is just another component of our mission to help people have opportunities for a positive, healthy experience. We’ve been really actively getting our name out in the community for over a year,” she said.

The friends also go by the name Team Elevate and have a fitness event schedule that includes cardio drumming classes at Raisin Valley Golf Club twice per week, a Monday evening class in Manchester and Tuesday night Tabata class, which is a boot camp type of exercise. The move to open the smoothie bar was an idea they’d been mulling over for a while. According to Lawson, “We’ve had a vision of doing something like this, we just really were looking for the right space, and based on our community we’ve developed through Team Elevate, this is a central location so it really met the need for location for us.”  

Many of the group have professions in the health care industry. Lawson has been a health educator at Bedford schools, teaching junior high school students for 19 years, while Aldrich has been employed as a secretary at ProMedica’s Total Rehab for 25 years. Greg Williams is a senior technical specialist for Ricoh, and Kimberly Williams is a preventative maintenance coordinator for Terumo Cardiovascular in Ann Arbor. Marc Lightfoot is a quality engineer at Jak Products in Saline, and Shelby Lightfoot formerly worked at Carter Rehabilitation and will now cover the bulk of the shifts at Boulevard Nutrition.

“Our main goal is to try and impact the community and help people get healthy using our events and the great nutritional products that we have,” Marc Lightfoot said. “We love doing this, we love helping people achieve whatever their goals are.”

Lawson agreed. “I think one of the things that inspires us the most about being a part of this ourselves is we really just want to have this space in the community where people can come in out of their normal day-to-day experience and be able to have one place that they come in and leave feeling better about themselves, so as a unit our big focus is to be that bright spot,” she said. “Yes with the nutrition and the fitness, but it’s the mind. We want people to come in and know that this is a positive place to be and that they can leave feeling great in all areas.” 

Patrons can make an ap-pointment for a free wellness profile where they sit down with a coach to share their wellness goals and receive a body scan that will reveal a person’s metabolic age, body fat and other pertinent information. The coach will then develop a health plan tailored to the individual.


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